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Top nature crafts to try with your children

There is nothing more that we enjoy doing together, than getting crafty from time to time. Even better - is going out for a walk or spending some time in the sunshine FIRST and collecting your craft materials - getting crafty with nature! As the Summer approaches and the kids (hopefully) spend more time outdoors, I would love to share some of our favourite nature crafts with you. This is a great way to combining fun outdoors with fun indoors (make the most of both sunny days and rainy days!!).

So, 5 of our favourite nature crafts:

Leaf Crowns

Ostentatiously an Autumn Craft (great to make with lovely Autumn coloured leaves), you can of course make these all year round. Many trees do NOT loose their leaves throughout winter and our park usually has plenty lying around. It is a great craft, as you do it whilst you are out and about and literally all you need is LEAVES! Easy peasy.

Pressed Flowers

Flower pressing is definitely one of those "childhood classics" that every child should experience one day. It is all about exploration and experiment with how different flowers and leaves press. Then get creative. In this post we share simple tips to make your flower pressing more successful!

Fairy House (or Elf House!)

We LOVE making fairy houses... such a cute way to explore nature. What things can you find in you area that makes a good house? Great for "building" skills and experimenting how to put things together.

10 Stick Crafts

Yep... we got together and found not one, not two but TEN stick crafts for you to get busy with. Sticks are everywhere and the kids love to pick them up at ANY time of year. Perfect craft material and cheap too!

Lavender Wands

Lavender wands are simply gorgeous! They smell great and make GREAT gifts for family and friends or if you have a little girl as I do, they also make great whimsical fairy wands!  All you need is plenty of lavender and some ribbon. Simple cut around 17-21 fresh long lavender stems, and use a weaving technique with the ribbon to build your wand.  More details are here.

Red Ted Art kids craft new book is available now: Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids.

Maggy Woodley

About the writer

Children’s arts & crafts specialist Red Ted Art bring you some crafty ideas to share with your children. Run by mum of two Maggy Woodley, Red Ted Art love making sure that crafts are fun, easy and inexpensive. She also likes to cook with the kids and experiment a little with Science! She writes at Red Ted Art, Life at The Zoo and Theatre Books and Movies.



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