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5 seriously bad Sat Nav experiences

Whether it’s through the wise words of Yoda or the fluid tones of Roger Moore’s 007, there’s always something authoritative about the voice behind the small screen. It’s very easy to think your sat nav knows what exactly it’s doing. Regrettably, we’re always hearing new stories of people being led, almost literally, up the garden path. Here’s our top five worst sat nav experiences:

1. School trips are bad enough without the cling-filmed sandwiches and dodgy historical re-enactments. But when a sat nav misdirected one school coach, the soggy sarnies became the highlight. Expecting the historic maze and lush grapevines of Hampton Court Palace, the passengers were led to a similarly-named side street in North London where the main attraction was a parking meter.

2.  But where mileage is concerned, Sabine Moreau of Belgium surely takes first prize. Setting off to pick up her friend from a Brussels train station, her sat nav began leading her into unfamiliar territory. Two days and 900 miles later, Moreau finally considered that she might no longer be in Belgium when she found herself looking at signs for Zagreb, Croatia. ‘I didn't ask myself any questions,’ Moreau said. ‘I was just distracted, so I kept my foot down.’

3. You don’t have to stray into another country to face a language barrier as one woman learnt when she decided to visit her grandson in London. After some fiddly adjustments outside the pensioner’s Gloucester home, her guide through the Cotswolds began giving instructions in Spanish. By the time she’d found a passer-by to exchange her señorita for Patrick Stewart, she’d missed her restaurant booking.

4. Three women in America took the meaning of finding themselves in deep water to another level. The driver had thought she was on a road when her not-so-trusty sat nav led them down a boat launch into a lake in Washington. All three swam to safety, but their Mercedes wasn’t so lucky.

5. A man in Yorkshire similarly took his sat nav at its word as it directed him down a rather unconventional-looking road. When it transpired to be a steep Pennine footpath, it wasn’t long before his BMW was teetering on a cliff edge.

Whether it’s for the annual trip to the in-laws or a fortnight in France, you need to be sure your sat nav is the absolute best. We rely on them so much and if you’re forking out for one you don’t want to be double guessing it. You want to get from A to B without going via X, Y and Z, and without shedding a small fortune.

Will Miles

About the writer

Will Miles read English at Bristol University prior to his Creative Writing MA at the University of East Anglia. He lives in London, copy writing and working with social media.



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