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25 years on The Walkman is Back.....

The Sony Walkman was a leader in innovation back in the day, and was a massive hit with music lovers all over the world. Despite its success, Sony has struggled to keep up with new trends and in recent years has taken a backseat when it comes to consumer electronics.

Fast forward to this year and it seems that the manufacturing giant is set to try and take on the big boys after launching a range of MP3s, Phones and Tablets in recent years with the Walkman brand being revived as part of this comeback.

Coming back with a bang?
This year saw Sony unveiling a new smartphone to take on the likes of Apple, Samsung and the other big players on the smartphone market. The Xperia Z smartphone boasts a 5-inch display and full 1080p HD quality for movies. One of its massive selling points is the fact that it’s waterproof so it can be cleaned using water to get rid of those annoying marks.

With an abundance of features, including the newly revived Walkman app, this smartphone is one that could have an edge on its competitors. Of course, all manufacturers are innovating and trying to get ahead nowadays, so it’s no surprise that Sony have launched this smartphone after watching and waiting for years – obviously they’ve been launching products, but, let’s face it, none of them have really hit the spot.

The Sony Xperia Z brings back the Walkman in a way that will attract and excite music lovers everywhere. It’s literally as easy as dragging and dropping your music tracks from your PC onto your phone. Users can also use a service called ‘Throw’ on the new phone to stream music from certain devices to their phone, eliminating the need to transfer songs.

Sony hasn’t disappointed when it comes to targeting different markets with the unveiling of a new all-in-one waterproof Walkman. The Walkman W273 media player boasts a wire free design with everything being contained within the headset itself.

With a number of colour options available and a memory of 4GB, this waterproof Walkman can be charged for just 3 minutes and give users 60 minutes worth of their favourite tunes. It’s also worth noting that the device only needs charging for one and a half hours to achieve the maximum 8 hours worth of listening.

With users becoming hungrier for new technology to show off with, all of the big players need to keep up with demand and Sony has done this with its revival of the Walkman. The major change is the fact that it’s all gone digital, in an attempt to threaten the likes of the iPod and with little gems like being able to drag and drop tracks to devices, as well as being able to copy tracks from your iTunes, and making its products water-resistant, Sony is really going hard in an attempt to once again be the world leader with the reinvention of the Walkman.

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